Women Warriors Work is a collective of Indigenous Womxn pursuing their passions in this world while also uplifting others through their heartwork. From activists to journalists to bloggers to PhD candidates to Professors to health fitness enthusiasts to poets to visual artists to mentors, educators, and advisors, to advocates, we are Native Womxn doing it all. We aim to represent as many fields of professions and passions as possible within this collective.

We seek to create space, decolonized space to exist and work towards making this world a more bearable, loving place through a revolution of radical, lateral love.

It is more important than ever to support and uplift each other. It is vital to continue igniting sparks of passion and love in the hearts of all we cross paths with.

We will be those necessary mirrors to show each other all the light we cannot always see. Our collective of 51 Native women are from multiple Native Nations across turtle island. We want to inspire others to create a spark that ignites fires of healing and love into other hearts.


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